National Information Exchange Model (NIEM)

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The NIEM is a powerful enabling technology. But it sure can be difficult to figure out. Luckily, there's a wealth of training resources available!

CYFS Training

The Children, Youth, and Family Services (CYFS) Domain, part of the NIEM, has an extensive training program available. It includes an introduction to the CYFS domain, plus an entirely reworked version of the existing NIEM training. This new version is customized for the CYFS community and contains CYFS-specific examples and exercises. It covers advanced technical concepts regarding the NIEM, as well as the process of developing IEPDs and creating schema-based artifacts. While not a replacement for a full course in XML and XML Schema, the videos do give a whirlwind overview of these topics.

The training is video-based and hosted on YouTube for easy access from any YouTube-enabled device. The videos are high-definition, ensuring readable on-screen XML for examples and exercises. There's over six hours of video instruction, broken and organized into manageable sections of 15 minutes or less.

These videos were prepared by the Center for Network Development with Tom Carlson Consulting (TCC), in coordination with the National Juvenile Information Sharing Initiative, and is supported by grant number 2009-MU-FX-K401 from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice.

Points of view or opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official positions or policies of OJJDP or the U.S. Department of Justice.

CYFS Guided Tour

Video Length
Part 1 of 3 12:31
Part 2 of 3 10:48
Part 3 of 3 8:29

NIEM Advanced Technical Concepts

Part One
Video Slides Covered Length
NIEM Conformance 1-5 5:02
NIEM Technical Framework 6-17 11:34
NIEM Harmonization and Organization 18-22 11:51
Part Two
Video Slides Covered Length
Basic XML Concepts (Tag Names and Hierarchy) 1-8 13:26
Basic XML Concepts (Comments and Attributes) 9-22 15:27
Basic XML Concepts (Well Formed XML) 23-26 5:36
Basic XML Schema (First Look) 27-28 13:37
Basic XML Schema (Matching Instance) 29-35 6:16
Basic XML Schema (NIEM-Based Differences) 36-41 13:58
Basic XML Schema (Annotations) 42-43 5:43
Part Three
Video Slides Covered Length
Namespaces 1-7 10:38
Content Models 8-11 9:01
Type Hierarchy 12-18 6:20
Inheritance 19-31 16:10
Part Four
Video Slides Covered Length
Substitution Groups 1-12 14:41
Substitution Group Exercises 13-23 9:45
Code Lists 24-30 10:08
Referencing 31-36 11:43
Roles 37-45 10:32
Role Implementation 46-52 7:53
Associations 53-64 16:09
Metadata 65-74 10:36
Augmentation 75-87 16:36
Part Five
Video Slides Covered Length
Extending the NIEM 1-11 13:23
Extending the NIEM (continued) 12-20 13:33

NIEM XML Artifacts

Video Slides Covered Length
Subset Schemas 1-7 7:05
Extension Schemas 8-10 2:55
Exchange Schemas 11-12 2:33
Constraint Schemas and Validation 13-16 8:08


Part One
Video Slides Covered Length
Introduction 1-7 6:25
Scenario Planning 8-16 5:33
Requirement Analysis 17-23 7:14
Modeling 24-27 5:53
UML Primer 28-35 6:42
UML Exercises 36-49 9:23
Part Two
Video Slides Covered Length
Mapping 1-12 14:56
Creating and Validating Schemas 13-19 9:46
Part Three
Video Slides Covered Length
Assemble 1-11 8:37
Publish and Implement 12-19 10:19